In The Company of Qibla Huzoor

In the Company of Qibla Huzoor,
The atmosphere is always blessed with Noor.
Everyone gazing at his blessed face,
With their hearts beating like running a race.

Keep watching his pleasant smile,
Subhan’Allah! It’s something worthwhile.
When he talks about Ishq, tears flow,
Wah! Its Love, that makes the heart glow.

His eyes shine with the light of Allah the Great,
Elevating and opening the doors of our fate.
Only if we could describe the pain,
It’s a shame word’s can’t explain.

In Surah Fatiha we say, “Siratal’ladhina an’am ta alayhim,”
How lucky are we to have an extraordinary, unique Alim.
Ya Allah, grant us the Qurba of Shaykh-ul-Islam,
So we can give our Salaam and end this Kalaam.




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