Haji Fazal Kareem Sahib passed away last night in London

Inna Lillah-e-wa Inna Elaihi Rajeoon

We are very sad to inform you that the Beloved Cousin of President NEC Ash Shaykh Abu Adam Ash Sheerazi (Haji Fazal Kareem Sahib) passed away last night in London.

May Allah SubHanahu Ta'ala bless the deceased's soul in peace and high status in Jannat and bless his family with Sabr e Jameel to bear this sorrow. Ameen Behaqq-e-Sayyedil Mursaleen Sayyedena Muhammad-e- Musatafa Sallallh-o-Alaihe Wasallam. We offoer condolences to President NEC and all his family and make for the deceased.

We request all the centres and Tanzeemaats on behalf of NEC to recite Qur'an and Make dua'a e Maghfirat. Please also Make dua'a e Maghfirat during your regular programmes.

Namz-e-Janaza will take place in MQI-London after Namaz Juma on 21 November 2008.



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