PAT, Women Wing and Youth Wing protest Israeli barbarism

Hundreds of women, children and youth held a demonstration against the Israeli atrocities being committed against the innocent Palestinians in front of the Lahore Press Club under the banner of Pakistan Awami Tehreek, Women and Youth Wings. The demonstrators were carrying placards on which slogans condemning the Israeli state terrorism were written. Fatima Mash’hadi, President of Women Wing and Ishtiaq Baig, senior vice president of Youth Wing, led their respective demonstrations. Young and infant children were also part of the rally to express their solidarity with Palestinians.

Addressing the demonstration, Ms Fatima Mash’hadi demanded of the Israel to stop its attack and leave Palestine. She urged UN, OIC and Arab League to play their role to rein in the Israeli aggression. She denounced the role of the UN saying it had failed to protect the lives of innocent Palestinians. It was no more an independent institution as it was helpless before combined power of Israel and its backers. Unless major powers ended their double standards, peace could not be established in the world.

Mr. Ishtiaq Hanif Mughal said that the rulers of the Muslim countries should undertake diplomatic initiative to bring pressure to bear upon Israel. There was an urgent need to convene special session of OIC in order to formulate an effective strategy. Sumaria Rafaqat said that Israel was a terrorist state and the vetoing of the UNSC’s resolutions by the US was a slap on the face of the UN. She urged the Muslim countries to show unity at this critical hour.



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