Muslim Youth League UK assembles hundreds of protesters outside BBC Building in Manchester in their support for the people of Gaza.

About 250 people marched outside BBC Building in Manchester yesterday in the “Gaza Peace Protest”. The march organised by the Muslim Youth League UK saw protesters of different ages and nationalities coming together with a common aim – to put pressure on the international community to effectively pressurise Israel into an immediate ceasefire and pave way for constructive diplomacy.

Protesters carried placards of “free Palestine” and chanted slogans against Israeli’s military campaign. This protest like many similar protests that have taken all over the UK demanded the end of the humanitarian crisis taking place. Zaigham Khan of the Muslim Youth League UK said that “protestors were aggrieved of the 15 days of Israeli armed conflict has killed more than 770 people with the numbers rising on a daily basis”. He further continued saying that “it is shocking how Israel has called the UN resolution as ‘unworkable’ without attempting to make it workable”. Protesters further chanted the end to Israel’s blockade of Gaza which has turned it into nothing more than a jail of 1.5 million people.

The fact that Israeli military action has not just killed a number of UN workers but has also stopped aid into Gaza only distressed the protestors. One of the protestors said that “Israel must assure the UN aid agency of the safety of their workers in order to prevent a humanitarian disaster”.

This peace protest was managed by MYL UK co-ordinator for Manchester brother Zaigham Khan.



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