Estrangement from knowledge responsible for Umma's decline

As long as the Muslims continued to remain associated with knowledge, they kept the leadership of the world in their hands and it was due to their estrangement from knowledge that they were perpetually condemned to decline. If students started getting knowledge with utmost seriousness, the fate of both Pakistan and Umma could still change for the better. President of Mustafvi Students Movement (MSM), Zeeshan Baig, expressed these views while addressing Students Parliament the other day. He said that the love of the Holy Prophet (saw) was the greatest asset and MSM would launch special campaigns for the promotion of the Prophetic love in the educational institutions of the country and hold special Mehfil-e-Naat and Durood. He said that the establishment of spiritual atmosphere in the educational institutions would help ease out tensions in the educational institutions.

Senior vice president of MSM, Amjad Jutt, said in his talk that if the student's bodies learnt the culture of 'live and let live', the country could get an educated leadership from the student community. Secretary General of MQI, Dr Raheeq Ahmad Abbasi said in his address to the Student's Parliament that the students attached with MSM were propagating ideology of Pakistan. This would incline them to know and read more about Pakistan and Islam. He said that MSM stood for promotion of education, enlightenment and peaceful environment at campuses. Ghulam Mustafa Noorani, Ismail Inam, Rizwan Qadri, Hafeez Kayani and Saeed Khan also spoke at the occasion.