Special instructions for participants of Itikaf 2009

The city of Itikaf under the banner of Minhaj-ul-Quran International is all set to be held during the last ten days of the holy month of Ramazan this year. The central secretariat has issued special instructions for the hundreds of people who are likely to participate in this year’s Itikaf. Those attending Itikaf would be under obligation to follow these instructions and the local chapters of MQI would also be responsible for getting these instructions implemented in letter and spirit.

Special training arrangements have been made this year. Therefore it is the responsibility of all office holders to make sure that they participate in this year’s Itikaf.

Doables before coming to Itikaf Gah

  • In-time booking should be made in advance. The registration fee is Rs. 700
  • Bring necessary things of use with you
  • Do bring money with you for purchase of CDs, books and cassettes. Deposit the money in the bank located in the Itikaf Gah.
  • If one is suffering from any disease, one should bring complete report and other medical record.
  • Women should not bring children with them.
  • Prepare people in advance having the capacity to perform their obligations as Amir-e-Halqa.
  • Let the central secretariat know about your intention to participate through local organization of MQI so that better arrangements could be made.
  • Bring your original Identity Card with you. Photo copy would not be acceptable.
  • It is mandatory for every participant to get a written security clearance from his relevant MQI chapter.

Steps on way to Itikaf Gah

  • Come in time on the morning of 20th of Ramazan to avoid rush and worry.
  • Cooperate fully with security and administration
  • No one would be allowed to enter Itikaf Gah without token on the 20th of Ramazan. Therefore those who have done their advance booking should not forget to bring their token. Entry without token would not be allowed.
  • Strict security measures would be in place. Every participant should get his luggage checked.
  • Deposit your mobile and other precious things with the bank and get receipt.
  • Mobile jammers have been installed in the Itikaf Gah, therefore, please avoid bringing your mobiles. However, PCO facility would be available.

During Itikaf

  • Cooperation with administration would be a must.
  • The participants are expected to take rest during rest time so that they could devote their full attention to all activities.
  • Pay regard to elderly people and give them preference.
  • Difficulties are part of life and Divine Gnosis is not possible without facing difficulties. Therefore, bear all such difficulties with smiling face.
  • Contact the administration in case of any difficulty or untoward eventuality instead crying hoarse over it.
  • Do not miss the address of Shaykh-ul-Islam, which is the key feature of the entire Itikaf.
  • Itikaf is such a Sunna where it is important to keep its spirit in mind. Therefore do not come to Itikaf for leisure but with the determination to make maximum use of time seeking repentance and Allah’s pleasure.
  • Show courtesy and good manners for one another.
  • Take care of your luggage yourself
  • Those participants who have also brought their women with them should avoid meeting them in Itikaf Gah or making phone calls.
  • Take special care of cleanliness
  • Talk to the administration people in the control room in case of any problem
  • Keep strict vigilance over people around you and if you see any suspect person or thing, bring it to the knowledge of the administration immediately.
  • Do fill in the profile form and feedback from issued by the administration


  • Make in-time arrangement of transport for your return journey
  • Let the administration know of your demand by the 26th of Ramazan in every case.
  • Bring your complete luggage back including CDs and books of Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri
  • Make sure that you clean your place before leaving because students have to resume their studies after Eid.
  • Thanking you for your cooperation

Central Itikaf Committee 2009

  • Dr Raheeq Ahmad Abbasi (Patron)
  • Sheikh Zahid Fayyaz (Head)
  • Mr. Jawad Hamid (Secretary)
  • Mr. Aqil Malik
  • Mr. Shahid Lateef
  • Mr. Ahmad Nawaz Anjum
  • Malik Shameem Ahmad
  • Rana Muhammad Idrees Qadri
  • Hami Muhammad Ishaq
  • Sajid Mahmood Bhatti
  • Shahzad Rasool Qadri
  • Dr Fashir Rafeeq
  • Mr. Saifullah Bhatti



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