Hike in power tariff is a contempt of Supreme Court: PAT Secretary General

Commenting on the increase in the power tariff, Secretary General of Pakistan Awami Tehreek, Anwar Akhtar Advocate, has said that the parliament should take a serious notice of recent increase in the power tariff and declare the power hike conditional on IMF loans null and void. It should also devise a mechanism for getting loans from IMF and determine conditions for its payback instead of allowing IMF this exclusive right. He termed the present increase in power tariff as constituting contempt of the Apex Court, which had ordered the government to keep the Court updated before making any such move.

As a result of power hike, the nation has fallen victim to depress and mental torture and it is legal right of every citizen to go to the court of law against WAPDA. He said that the government has not given an iota of thought to the plan of debt repayment and its burden would be transferred onto the poor people, which would further break their back. He said that if parliament failed to rise to the occasion, people would be left with no option but to resort to court of law for redressal of grievances.