A.K. Brohi

(Prominent legal expert)
A.K. Borhi is counted among the respected and prominent legal experts. His feelings of love and affection for the Shaykh-ul-Islam are unmatchable. During Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri's days of lecturership at the Punjab University, Justice (r) A.K. Borhi was the chief guest at a conference on the topic of 'Ijtihad'. He also listened to the brief discussion of the Shaykh-ul-Islam during that conference. At the end, he expressed his appreciation in the following words:

"Brohi is not impressed with someone so easily but gentleman, you have really impressed me. I am greatly hopeful about your scholarly future. The depth in which you have talked today I have fathomed it. Anyway I will wait for the publication of your views and would like to study them again."

In the same manner Hakeem Said sahib arranged a three-day seminar on the topic of 'Islamic concept of State' in Marriot Hotel, Karachi in which different scholars were invited to speak. The Shaykh-ul-Islam attended the seminar on the last accompanied by some companions. The last session was being attended by the brightest and ablest of people including A.K. Borahi sahib. Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri also expressed his views on the topic. At the end of the programme, he kept repeating it to the Quaid-e-Mohtram that 'you have to protect yourself in this country. People will be jealous of you. People will try to make life difficult for you. I can see what qualities and potential Allah Almighty has blessed you with. Would that people had insight to recognize your talent and supported you."


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