Meeting with Mr. Ch. Muhammad Arshad Chairman Standing comittee on Education Punjab

G M Malik, Principal Secretary to Patron In-chief MQI, and Spokesman Pakistan Awami Tehreek during a meeting with Ch. Muhammad Arshad, Chairman Standing Committee on Education regarding the MQI. The worthy Chairman was informed that MQI is active working in 82 countries in the fields of education, welfare and religion grooming of youth in being them with a moderate, tolerant fact of Islam. Ch. Muhammad Arshad appreciated Shaykh ul Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri for his immense contribution towards Education and Peace in the World. Mr. Farooq Mirza, President PAT Chechawatni, Mr. Muhammad Jameel, Mr. Muhammad Saeed, Mr. Mohsin Chishti were present at the time of meeting.