The News (Blog): Double Standards for Dual National

Hasan Tasleem on 17, Feb 2013

Over the past year or so, issue of Dual Nationality has been in media’s limelight quite rather often. On a more recent note, the hearing for Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri’s petition in regards to the Election Commission Reconstitution which was dismissed, as Supreme Court felt that Dr. Qadri failed in providing the eligibility of his petition.

I am no legal expert, nor an expert of constitution and neither a supporter of Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri. But as a silent observer when I see such irregularity or behavior by an individual or state institution, it sends tingling sensation to my inner self. It seemed to be that this petition’s outcome was decided ahead of time, where as SCP did not focus on the legitimacy of the content of the petition, but rather to target and individual or his personality.

If I am correct, it is the same Supreme Court that accepted the petition of Showkat Sohail on the matter Memo-Gate Scandal, a Canadian Citizen. It is the same Supreme Court, set-up a tribunal and sent them overseas to questions Mansoor Ejaz, arguable the person-in-charge who helped plot the activity himself, Also it is the same Supreme Court that questioned MQM Chief Mr. Altaf Hussain, a Dual National as well and summoned him to appear in court.

But when a Dual National points our irregularities within the system, he is held questionable to his eligibility of filing the petition, rather than to focus on what the petition is all about. It needs no brainer to determine the concerns in regards to Election Commission, when almost all of the political parties have expressed their concerns with the current set-up.

I always heard and read that “all citizens are equal under the law”. But I guess the law did not specify, that Dual Nationals can only be held accountable if the situation provides motive or support to a party instigating in a case, rather than to an issue from which the entire nation can benefit. Dual National are obliged to full every request, every demand and every question put forth by state institutions, but they better keep their mouth taped shut, and eyes close when they see irregularities within our beloved Pakistan.

Why did Supreme Court not asked, Mansoor Ijaz or Showkat Sohail, to read aloud their citizenship oath, why only Dr. Qadri? This leads be to believe, if Imran Khan or Nawaz Sharif were to submit the same identical petition, would the response have been any different? I believe that these Double Standards must immediately end in order to restore the faith of public in the statement that “all citizens are equal under the law”.


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