Repeate TV Programme Irfan-ul-Quran


Ptv Prime

We happily announce to inform all of rresponsibles and affiliates of Minhaj ul Quran International that on the request of our members it is decided to repeate the lecture of Respectable Sahib Zada Hasan Mohiuddin on Prime TV. These lectures will be repeated on the following timings along with the old timings

Region Timing
Pakistan 5:10 PM
U.K 1:10 PM

By the Grace of Allah Almighty and the blessings of the Holy Prophet (SAW) the holy month of Ramadhan has arrived. During this month Minhaj ul Quran has organized special programmes for the Muslim Umah on the famous international Pakistani channel PTV PRIME. This transmission of PTV Prime can be seen in U.K, EUROPE, MIDDLE EAST & ASIA.

All the affiliates and members of Minhaj ul Quran are requested to advertise within the Pakistani Community in their local region and make sure that these programmes are seen. These programmes have been specially recorded for the Holy Month of Ramadhan.

The Details of the Programmes are as follows:

1- IRFAN UL QURAN Every day Hassan Mohai ud Din (who is the elder son of Shaykh ul Islam Dr Muhammed Tahir ul Qadri) will deliver a one hour lecture on the selected topics from each Para. The timings are

Region Time
U.K 04:00 A.M to 05:00 A.M
EUROPE 05:00 A.M to 06:00 A.M
PAKISTAN 08:00 A.M to 09:00 A.M


Every day Allama Farhat Abbas Shah (Markazi Nazim Tarbiat of TMQ) will deliver a 25 minutes lecture on the meanings and blessings of the names of Allah. This programme will be braodcasted in the Special IFTAR HOUR of PTV Prime. Iftar Hour will start almost one hour beore the Iftar time in U.K ( Approximately at 05:30 P.M in U.K, at 06:30 in Europe and at 09:30 P.M in Pakistan) 3- ROZA Every day Allama Rana Muhammed Idrees (Markazi Nazim DAwat of TMQ) will briefly speak for 5 to 7 minutes on all the topics related to ROZA (Fast). This programme will be broadcasted in the Special IFTAR HOUR of PTV Prime just before the Iftari Time and after the programme ISMA e HUSNA 4- New Darood e Pak written by Shaykh ul Islam Dr Muhammed Tahir ul Qadri have been read by Muhammad Afzal Naushahi (Hasaan e Minhaj) will be Broadcasted just before the Iftar Time (approx time for U.K is 06:25 P.M , Europe 07:25 and for Pakistan is 10:25 P.M)

This is a very good opportunity for all the affiliates of Minhaj ul Quran international and the Muslim Ummah to get the knowledge of Islam in the holy month of Ramadhan