Dr Tahirul Qadri has condemned the Parachinar blast

Pakistan Awami Tehreek chief Dr Tahirul Qadri has condemned the Parachinar blast and expressed his grief over the loss of precious human lives. In a press statement issued here on Saturday, he linked the latest terror incident to the delay in extending duration of the military courts and said had the government followed the National Action plan in its true letter and spirit the situation would have been different. He said the government instead of extending the duration of military courts had made the issue controversial.

He said the government had failed to unite the nation on war on terror and instead created confusion over the matter of national importance. He said the government dilly-dally tactics and laid-back approach to ant-terror war had exposed its seriousness which resulted in a Parachinar-like incident. He said terrorists and their facilitators had become active again and the incident had proved that their network still existed. He said the military courts had sentenced many hardened criminals thus creating a fear in the minds of such elements. He said that the government seemed to be using delaying tactics in extending duration of the military courts and parliamentary deliberations in this regard were making the issue controversial. If the situation continued, the war on terror will not reach its logical conclusion, he said.

Dr Qadri said that the Qazi Essa Commission report was an eye-opener and a catalyst for change that exposed the criminal mindset of powers that be. He said the government had never taken the commission report seriously and no action was initiated so far. He demanded that the National Action Plan be implemented in its true essence and action be taken against the elements pointed out in the Qazi Essa Commission report.

He also prayed for those killed in the Parachinar blast and sympathized with their families. He also prayed for early recovery of the injured.