Coming of national leadership on one page a significant development: Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri

PAT leader Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri has said that the people’s power is the only identity of the party and our political opponents are fully aware of this reality. He said that we successfully achieved the target of bringing the whole leadership of the country on the same page for the purpose of holding the Sharif brothers accountable for their involvement in the Model Town tragedy. He said that we have put the vehicle of protest started for justice for Model Town martyrs in the first gear, stating that we will decide when to increase the speed and put more intensity into it in line with our strategy. He said that the counting of chairs is not our issue but that of the opponents. He said that we will be able to gather as many requisite numbers of people as we want as and when required.

Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri stated this while addressing the central Core Committee yesterday. He expressed his deep sense of gratitude to the workers and leadership of the political parties that attended the public protest on January 17 and said that he is satisfied on the encouraging beginning of the protest movement. He said that the meeting of the Steering Committee will be convened soon to decide on the future course of action. He said that the workers of all political parties stood shoulder to shoulder in complete solidarity in the protest demonstration against the killers and to make a plea for protection of life. He said that there was a show of exemplary harmony and solidarity from the start till the end, stating otherwise there are examples when the fights break out among workers belonging to the same party.

Dr Qadri said that the public meeting on The Mall took place under the shadow of the national flag. There were no issues of banners, chairs, turn of speeches and slogans. He said that the public protest was an excellent example of unity and oneness. He said that all political parties have the right to play politics and have an opinion on the issues as per their respective party policy. He said that coming together of the whole national leadership against the merciless killing of innocent citizens of the state is a significant development. He said that if this unity stays intact, a handful of killers will not be able to escape their end.

The PAT leader said that the PML-N is an extremist party. He said that the contacts of the ruling party’s leaders with the extremist organizations are a known fact. He said that the Sharifs can go to any limit including the killing of the innocent people in order to get power and perpetuate it and protect their ill-gotten wealth. He said that firing bullets directly at the people, injuring 100 and killing 14 of them, in Model Town and Kasur and registration of fake terrorism cases against the political workers are the glaring and irrefutable proof of this mindset. He said that we would take the so-called ruling party leaders to their logical end and put the car into the last gear as well.