Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri terms inter-personal skills key to organizational success

A relationship of mutual trust and respect between the organization and workers is a must to ensure 100% achievement of the objectives in the pursuit of the larger goals. It is easy to have a relationship with one’s Creator but very difficult to fulfill all the demands of a relationship with fellow human beings.

These views were expressed by Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri while addressing the five-day training and organizational session of Minhaj Women League through video conferencing here yesterday. He said that the reason of why it is easy to have an excellent relationship with Allah Almighty is that in case of any disobedience, one can bow oneself before Him and seek His forgiveness. He said that when it comes to relations between human beings, seeking forgiveness and having the capacity to forgive others for their transgressions is not easy.

Dr Qadri said that it is for this reason that the rights of the people hold a special place in the matters of faith. He said that 90% of the faith deals with the rights of the human beings whereas 10% is dedicated to other matters. He said that a relationship between a worker with fellow workers, of the organizations with its workers and of workers with non-workers should be based on mutual respect and love, stating that the organizational objectives should be paramount in any human relationship endeavor.

The PAT Chairman threw light on the spirit and philosophy of inter-personal relations and said that they should be based on sincerity and true feelings of human compassion. He said that if the empathy is present in our interaction, we are likely to establish rapport with others very soon. He said that we should be well-wishing towards, speak well of the people and be a paragon of goodness. He said that if we cannot do good to anyone, at least we should not think ill of anyone. He said that this foundation of excellence of character and deeds holds the status of a saintliness. He said that we would particularly focus on improving our inter-personal skills.