Anti-terrorism judge expresses displeasure on conduct of police lawyers

Chief Justice SC orders ATC to hear Model Town case on daily basis

During the proceedings of the private complaint in the anti-terrorism court, the honorable judge repeatedly warned the lawyers representing the accused police officials against disruption and intervention in the proceedings and ordered those lawyers to step back from the rostrum who did not plead the case of the accused. Despite clear warning, the accused party continued with their rumpus, forcing the judge to say that such a disruption is not going to anyone’s advantage and that the legal proceedings will move forward as per law in every case.

Private complainant Jawad Hamid protested the excessive intervention by public prosecutor Waqar Bhatti and said that the lawyer is trying to be more loyal to the king than king himself.

During the proceedings yesterday, the PAT lawyers cross-examined the police witnesses, sub-inspector Sanaullah and constable Sain. An interesting situation was created when the constable said that he went unconscious when a brick hit him but continued to witness the police operation as well. The police lawyers and prosecution resorted to making a noise to save the police witness from embarrassment.

Later on the PAT lawyers and Jawad Hamid spoke to the media. They said that the purpose of noisy behavior shown by the police lawyers in the courtroom is to disrupt the proceedings and delay the case. He said that they are now sure that if the case continues to move forward at this pace and evidence is recorded, there is no way they could escape from punishment.

PAT Secretary, Yasir Advocate, Raja Nadeem and other leaders were also present on the occasion.