Interfaith meeting condemns killing distinguished Sikh leader

An important meeting of interfaith leaders took place here at the central secretariat under the banner of MQI Interfaith Relations Directorate with Sohail Ahmad Raza in the chair. Faith leaders such as Dr James Chanan, Pastor Joseph, Reverend Marqis Fida, Dr Manohar Chand, Bhagat Lal, Arun Kumar, Pandit Amarnath Randhawa, Sardar Bashan Singh, Sardar Ramesh Singh, Sardar Kalyan Singh, Sardar Sahib Singh, Sanaullah Khan, Shahzad Rasool Qadri and Allama Usman Sialvi attended the meeting.

The meeting strongly condemned the killing of Sikh leader in KP Sardar Charan Jeet Singh and said that he was a distinguished leader of the Sikh community. All faith leaders expressed their anger on the killing and demanded immediate arrest of the killers. They said that the country has been deprived of a patriotic leader and social activist with the killing of Sardar Charan Jeet Singh. They asked the government to make special arrangements for the protection of the leaders of the minorities communities.

Sohail Ahmad Raza, on this occasion, said that the state of Pakistan is responsible for protection of life, property and honour of its citizens. He said that Pakistan is a country where rights and freedoms of the minority communities are greatly respected. He said that MQI shares the grief of the Sikh community. He said that slain leader always raised a voice for protection of the Sikh community and their places of worship. He said that it is responsibility of the government to reveal the inner motives of the killing. He said that under the Constitution, all citizens irrespective of caste, creed and religion have equal rights. He said that the Constitution is very categorical in its guarantee of security to the non-Muslims citizens. He said that Sardar Charan Jeet Singh was son of the soil and a distinguished Pakistan.

Dr James Chanan, on this occasion, condemned the killing on behalf of the Christian community. He said that Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri is an ardent supporter of interfaith harmony in the world. He said that whole Pakistan nation is aggrieved on the killing of renowned Sikh leader.