Merey Quaid...

Ey merey Quaid, I beg of you
Do not deprive me from your blessings
Don’t ever leave me alone in this world
I will never be able to cope unaided,
How can a heart survive without a heartbeat?
How can day appear if night does not cease
Ey pyarey Quaid,
You are my heartbeat by which I live every second
If you desert me, my life will be my night
Night which will never end
Unless my merciful Quaid
You come, you are my day
Brighter than the sun, warmer than the sun…
I was a worthless creature when I stumbled, accidentally on your path
But you picked this dirty creature with both hands and a smile
You showed this undeserving thing light,
Light which can only be sought from you
You transformed me Quaid
And made me what I was not before
You have cleansed my filth
Rinsed me in your tears
And raised your hands to the Lord for me
Both, when I knew and when I did not
Oh Quaid, how beautiful Allah has made you
How deep is the influence of The Prophet (SAW) upon you
I, who did not know what love was,
Learned from your love
But my small incapable mind,
Cannot think of any love more than what I have for you, Rasoolullah (SAW) and Allah
I cannot believe that anyone may posses more love than what I feel
Yet, I know…
A world full of me cannot compete with your love
And that is why merey Quaid
My love grows yet more for you
I cannot help myself,
Whenever I see your face
My heart grows
And then when a blessed tear rolls down your light filled face
My heart is compressed
For I understand not your pain
And if the very sight of your pain kills me
Then what will the burden of your pain do to me
Ey merey Quaid
Forgive me if am the cause of that pain
And forgive me even if I’m not
Ey merey quad, I promise to you
I will never ever cause any pain again
Ey merey Quaid
Please stay by my side
Pick me up when I fall
Quench my thirst by your light
Ey merey Quaid
You know the condition of my heart
Ey merey Quaid
Please merey Quaid
For the sake of Your Beloved Rasoolullah (SAW)
And for the sake of your intense love for Allah
Never forget me in your duas
Ey merey Quaid,
Know, that if you left me I will be worse than when you found me
Truly one who has not tasted sweetness would not know what it is
But one who has tasted the sweetest of all sweetness
And is deprived of it
Ey merey Quaid
Like Bulleh Shah
He will be destroyed
Please merey Quaid
There is a Bulleh inside me
And if I’m not satiated with your glance
If you do not glance
Then That Bulleh will erupt
And I, your lover will be torn
I will be shred into pieces
Ripped from my heart
And tossed in the Sea of Lost
Know merey Quaid,
That it is not a spear that would kill me
Nor poison, nor a lion
The waters wont drown me nor will the fire burn me
But merey Quaid
Know merey Quaid
That if it is anything that will kill me
It would be your dismissal of me
And merey Quaid, I request to you
Please never dismiss me from your blessings
I know I am unworthy
But merey Quaid you have planted that seed of love
Please merey Quaid
Let that seed grow
Let it flourish into a flower
Please merey Quaid
If you pray to Allah for me
I know your duas will never be rejected
Please merey Quaid, pray to Allah to maintain our bond
Please merey Quaid
I beg of you merey Quaid
Never let my fear come true my Quaid
It is true,
The more I think about you
The more I realize how less I appreciate you
And the more my heart aches…