Curriculum designed for thousands of Centers of Knowledge: Saeed Raza Baghdadi

saeed raza baghdadi

Saeed Raza Baghdadi, the organizer of Educational and Professional Development of Minhaj-ul-Quran International, has stated that under the guidance and vision of the MQI founder and patron-in-chief, Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, 25,000 educational centers are being established across the country. He said that in order to eradicate extremism and intolerance and promote moderation and inclusivity, every household will have to become an educational center, and the interrupted chain of education and upbringing at the household level will have to be restored.

Saeed Raza Baghdadi said that through the ideal residence, ideal mother, ideal school, and ideal media, which means public dissemination, we can transform the decline of the Ummah into excellence. The curriculum for the educational centers has been prepared, and Shaykh-ul-Islam will announce it soon.

He said that the educational centers are starting from residences, as the home is the first unit, entity, and school of society. If we succeed in harmonizing the household environment with education and upbringing, then all obstacles in the way of forming a Mustafavi society will be removed. He said that the curriculum of the educational centers has been developed keeping in mind the mental and educational potential of the common man so that the maximum number of people can benefit from it.

Saeed Raza Baghdadi said that the promotion of knowledge and awareness and the revival of religious and moral values are included in the fundamental objectives of MQI.