Islamic training course concludes under COSIS

islami Tarbeeyti Course under COSIS

A one-month Islamic training course for students who recently completed their matriculation and intermediate exams was concluded under the auspices of the College of Sharia and Islamic Sciences.

Shaykh-ul-Islam Professor Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri congratulated the Principal, faculty, and administration of the College of Sharia on the successful organization of the course.

In the closing ceremony, Khurram Nawaz Gandapur, Secretary-General of Minhaj-ul-Quran International, emphasized the importance of knowledge, stating that knowledge is everything for a human being. He highlighted that the knowledge of Islam is the only knowledge that guarantees success in both this world and the hereafter.

He said that Islam is the greatest advocate of knowledge and the promotion of education. He said education is a comprehensive process that acquaints individuals with their own identity, society, and the commandments of the Creator of the universe. One of the fundamental objectives of the establishment of MQI is the promotion of knowledge and the provision of training.

Khurram Nawaz Gandapur said that in line with this objective, their mission is to deliver knowledge to every individual, promote the culture of knowledge, and connect everyone with knowledge. He said that we are establishing centers of knowledge in schools, colleges, madrasas, mosques, and every home to promote basic education, moral and spiritual training, and awareness in society.

Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri announced the establishment of 25,000 centers of knowledge across the country in the next five years for the reformation and education of individuals and society, he stated.

The closing ceremony of the training course was attended by Principal Dr. Mumtaz-ul-Hassan Barvi, Dr. Muhammad Akram Rana, Dr. Shabbir Ahmed Jami, Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Malik, Muhammad Pervaiz Bilal, and many other faculty members and students of the College of Sharia.

Khurram Nawaz Gandapur expressed his happiness with the course curriculum, noting that the students had the opportunity to learn a wide range of subjects in a short period.

Principal Dr. Mumtaz-ul-Hassan Barvi, in his speech, praised the students for utilizing their time after exams to learn religious knowledge and receive training instead of wasting it.

The one-month course covered the basic principles and practical exercises of Irfan-ul-Quran, Tajweed, and translation, teachings of selected Hadiths related to beliefs, worship, and introduction to fundamental beliefs, and necessary jurisprudential issues.

The teaching duties in the Islamic training course were performed by Dr. Shabbir Ahmed Jami, Dr. Faizullah Baghdadi, Rana Muhammad Akram Qadri, Dr. Syed Iftikhar Ahmed Bukhari, Ghulam Murtaza Alvi, Muhammad Sarfraz Qadri, Qari Syed Khalid Hamid Kazmi, Naseer Afzal Al-Azhari, and Sheikh Khalid Yamani.

Certificates were awarded to the students who participated in the course.