Sacrifice is soul of worship: Khurram Nawaz Gandapur

Khurram Nawaz Gandapur

MQI Secretary General Khurram Nawaz Gandapur has stated that sacrifice is the essence of worship and a tradition of Prophet Ibrahim. He said the day of sacrifice unites the entire Ummah in a bond of harmony and love.

“The days of sacrifice uphold the great traditions of proclaiming the oneness of Allah. On this day, every Muslim from east to west sacrifices solely for Allah, sincerely affirming His oneness and unity,” he said.

MQI Secretary General mentioned that Minhaj Welfare Foundation has made it easy for Muslims living abroad to perform their sacrifices. Not only are the best animals purchased for them, but there is also a systematic arrangement for distributing the meat to the needy. He said thousands of volunteers play their religious and humanitarian roles for these purposes.

He expressed these views while addressing the heads of the administrative committees formed for the sacrifice campaign. The meeting was attended by Director of Operations MWF Sanaullah Khan, Jawad Hamid, Ishtiaq Hanif Mughal, Mansoor Qasim Awan, Saeed Akhtar, Ayub Ansari, and others.

Director of Operations MWF, Engineer Sanaullah Khan, briefed the meeting, stating that a strategy for meat distribution has been prepared. He said measures will be taken to maintain the meat at a normal temperature in the intense heat and ensure its timely delivery to the beneficiaries. He said people from all over the world trust Minhaj Welfare for fulfilling the obligation of sacrifice, and we will utilize all our capabilities to meet this trust.

Engineer Sanaullah Khan said that the sacrifices will be conducted in modern slaughterhouses. The meat will be packed in thermally insulated, airtight boxes with dry ice to maintain its freshness and distributed via chiller vehicles. The entire record, from booking the sacrifice shares and purchasing the animals to the date and location of the slaughter, is managed through modern software.

All arrangements, he said, have been completed in this regard. The animal purchasing committee includes veterinary doctors and Shariah scholars to ensure healthy animals that meet Shariah requirements are bought for the sacrifice. He said the collective sacrifices will be carried out in slaughterhouses using modern machines. The sacrificial duties will be performed in accordance with Shariah principles, observing all health and safety guidelines, including the use of gloves and masks.