The life and teachings of Shaykh-Abd-Ul-Qadir Al Gilani (ra)-Summary Report

This event took place at the Farghana Institute (Manchester) on Friday 31st Oct - 2nd November 2008

The residential weekend retreat began with recitation of the Holy Quran by Qari Mubashir Anwar after which the recital of Qaseedah Burdah Shareef took place. One of the students of Farghana Institute then recited the spiritual Isnad from Sayyidina Qudwatul Awliya Shaykh Tahir Alauddin Al Gilani back to Sayyidina Ghawth ul Azam for Barakah and to strengthen the link with Sayyidina Ghawth ul Azam in our hearts.

The first lecture of the retreat was on the biography of Sayyidina Ghawth ul Azam which was delivered by Shaykh Muhammad Ramadhan Qadri (Transcribed notes on this lecture are available on request from the institute) the first evening of the retreat was then concluded by a session of Dhikr and a Nasheed mehfil.

Saturday morning began very early at 5 am with Tahajjud prayer and recitation of the Quran. Salatul Fajr was performed and breakfast meal was served. After the breakfast meal the first session of the day began, which was a ‘Quran Halaqa’ with Qari Mubashir Anwar. In this session the students were given guidance on how to improve their recitation of the short Surahs from ‘juz Ammah’ and important rules of Tajweed were also explained. This was followed by a lecture on the ‘life and character of Sayyidina Gawth ul Azam’ (which is available in written format from the institute). This very interesting and spiritual lesson was concluded by the Zuhr Azaan. After the Zuhr prayer lunch was served to the students. After lunch the students then proceeded to the upstairs classroom where a practical workshop on the Explanation of Khatham Gawthiyyah and Everday important Wasaif of the Qadiri Tariqah was delivered.

The Third Lecture of the day was delivered by our guest speaker (Shaykh Manzoor Shakir, A scholar who studied in Pakistan and South-Africa and is now based in Oldham where he runs an Institute for the youth) who spoke on the miracles and spiritual status of Sayyidina Ghawth ul Azam. The Shaykh also conducted group work where he split the group in to two and asked both groups to discuss how the teachings of Sayyidina Ghawth ul Azam could be implemented in to our lives, a student from each group then presented their answers on this issue.

After the conclusion of this Lecture the students were then given the opportunity to participate in various physical sports, including Table tennis and pool. Part 2 on the works of Sayyidina Ghawth ul Azam was delivered by Shaykh Muhammad Ramadhan Qadri where actual teachings of Sayyidina Ghawth Ul Azam were recited to the students. One of the great sayings the students were taught was ‘Close the book of Knowledge, Open the book of Practice’ which is very important to act on given the state of our societies.

After the Isha Prayer there was an Islamic Quiz on the Life of Sayyidina Hadhrat Ghawth ul Azam. Prizes were given out to the winners, this was a good and practical way for the students to learn more on the life of the great Shaykh. The winners of the Islam Quiz are:

1st price : Azeem Mirza

2nd price: Ayub Anwar

3rd price : Dawood Qadri

After the Quiz dinner was served. Special guests from the Qadiri-Boudshishi Tariqah arrived from different parts of the country in which turned out to be a very lively gathering. The Dhikr session lasted for more than 3 hours, which also included a Hadrah session. Sidi Abdullah (A participant in the BBC retreat series) gave a short discourse on the importance of Tasawwuf. At the end of the programme the Guests were nourished and served food by the students and voluntary staff of Farghana Institute. Brother Nazeel (Member of Sami Yusuf’s Nasheed group) also recited a Nasheed in a very melodious voice.

On Sunday morning there was a question and answer session where the participants were given an opportunity to ask Shaykh Muhammad Ramadhan Qadri any questions that they may have in relation to the weekend or general questions.

After the Q&A session was finished. Shaykh Muhammad Ramadhan Qadri and the participants took part in ‘community work’ where we visited a residential care home for the old. When we arrived we spoke to the residents and gave them gifts. We also had a meeting with the manager of the home and offered our support in any projects that they operate.

We then returned to the Institute for the programme conclusion, Dua and Zuhr Prayer

Written & Designed by:
Azeem Mirza & Dawood Qadri
(Students Al Farghana Institute)

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