Appeal for Collective Sacrifice & Skins

The Muslim Umma performs the obligation of sacrifice every year in accordance with the Sunna of Hazrat Ibrahim (peace be upon him). The act of sacrifice not only venerates and perpetuate the Sunna of Hazrat Ibrahim (peace be upon him) but also provides an opportunity to support the downtrodden sections of society. A good is recorded in the register of actions for every hair of a sacrificial animal. That refers to infinity of the good acts earned by following this Sunna of Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him).

We, somehow, believe that we have done our duty once we offer sacrifice. The fact of the matter is that donating the skins of sacrificial animals to the deserving people, institution and organization is also among our responsibilities. Regrettably, it is not practised like that. It needs to be emphasized that the hides of sacrificial animals play important role in financing the welfare projects. Secondly, the poorest of the poor can get meat on this auspicious occasion, which otherwise may be out of their reach due to both dearness and poverty. Thus every individual of society stands to benefit from this Sunna of sacrifice. Minhaj Welfare Foundation is engaged in a number of welfare projects including multi-million project of Aagosh (Orphan Care Home) which would have all the facilities of education, upbringing and maintenance for the orphan children from across Pakistan. The Foundation tries its utmost to distribute happiness among as many poor people as possible on the occasion of Qurbani Eid every year.

Collective sacrifice is offered annually in Township (Lahore) under the banner of Minhaj Welfare Foundation. The Foundation makes arrangements for the slaughter of hundreds of sacrificial animals every year on the occasion of Eid. The number of animals sacrificed last year was 3000 and it is increasing by the day. People from Pakistan and abroad deposit their share to take part in the sacrifice. Animals are slaughtered in accordance with their instructions and meat is distributed accordingly. People at large also participate in the sacrifice. The meat is distributed among the deserving people belonging to the poorest sections of society.

About 300 workers of Minhaj Welfare Foundation work hard day in and day out for 15 days to make this event possible. The sacrificial skins received through the sacrifice of animals are the main source of income of Minhaj Welfare Foundation. The Foundation has reserved the income to be received from the sale of sacrificial skins this year for the project of Aagosh (Orphan Care Home). The construction work of the building of Aagosh is underway in Jamia al-Minhaj (Township). The state of the art facilities would be provided in Aagosh where complete arrangements for maintenance, education, residence and upbringing of five hundred orphan children would be made. The project is likely to be completed this year. The construction of Aagosh buildings in other major cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Multan and Kashmir is also part of the plan once the main building is completed.

Other ongoing projects of MWF include women development projects, water pumps installation, Bait-ul-Mal, health projects, free eye operations, collective marriages, educational projects and rehabilitation of the people after natural calamities. Millions of rupees are spent on these projects on yearly basis. The sacrificial skins are the best source of income for MWF. Therefore, all Muslim brethren, workers and associates of Minhaj-ul-Quran are hereby appealed to donate the skins of their sacrificial animals to Minhaj Welfare Foundation. The contributions so made could go a long way in enabling the Foundation in meetings its yearly targets. Contact can be made at the following numbers for reservation of share in sacrifice besides donating the sacrificial skins.