Arrangements for collective sacrifice 2009 completed

Minhaj Welfare Foundation has made complete arrangements for collective sacrifice 2009. Central slaughter house has been established at Township, Lahore. Thousands of animals have been bought at a massive level including 3 thousand cows, 5 thousand goats, and other animals. Minhaj Welfare Foundation has extended the arrangements to union council level this year across the country. Arrangements have been completed in more than 300 Tehsils and 15oo union councils where thousands of animals would be sacrificed this year.

Iftikhar Shah Gilani and other central leaders visited the slaughter house and inspected the arrangements there. Other members included Rana Farooq Ahmad, Rana Fayyaz Ahmad, Jawad Hamid, Malik Shameem Ahmad and Haji Muhammad Ilyas. They visited different areas and directed the staff to further improve the arrangements so that there is no problem on the Eid day. Meat of the sacrificed animals would be distributed among the poor, patients and prisoners. Malik Shameem said that thousands of people had already made their bookings. Jawad Hamid said that 32 administrative committees remained busy in making the arrangements. He said that a team of expert butchers would do the sacrifice under the supervision of religious scholars and meat of the sacrificed animals would be distributed among the poor and that needy etc.