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America: Miraj-un-Nabi (SAW) conference held in Connecticut
South Africa: Multi-faith peace conference promotes social cohesion
Pictorial Highlights: Dr Hassan Mohi-ud-Din Qadri's South Africa Tour 2017
South Africa: ISIS tarnishing the image of Islam: Dr Hassan Mohi-ud-Din Qadri
Miraj-un-Nabi Conference held under MQI (Nelson)
Dr Hassan Mohi-ud-Din Qadri addresses Friday congregation
South Africa: Various delegations call on Dr Hassan Mohi-ud-Din Qadri
South Africa: Dr Hassan Mohi-ud-Din Qadri addresses Miraj-un-Nabi Conference in Free State
South Africa: Following ‘Uswa-e-Hasana’ path to salvation: Dr Hassan Mohi-ud-Din Qadri
South Africa: Shan-o-Adab-e-Mustafa (ﷺ)  Conference’ under MQI
South Africa: Islam is a religion of peace & love: Dr Hassan Mohi-ud-Din Qadri
Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri grieved over death of Shaykh-ul-Hadith Allama Muhammad Miraj-ul-Islam
Minhajians Parliament Meeting 2017
MWL launches “AL-Hidayah” project to promote Quranic learning
Mental Health Workshop held under MWL Burnley
Happy Quaid Day 2018 from eLearning by Minhaj-ul-Quran International
Admissions Open
Model Town report released on LHC orders
Ijazat Chains of Authority