Progressive interactions : 600 Page Fatwa against terror attacks

Mar 3, 3:51 pm

It must take a lot to defy the Taliban and the Al Quaida but even if the Fatwa falls on deaf ears, is not a political or considered a governemnt ruling or resolution, it just shows that somewhere there is a voice, a call for peace from the raw cold blooded murders and the "reign of terror" carried out by these self styled protectors of the faith. It may be a single voice, and yet is the collective voice of many who are silent out of fear. Surely atleast it will help to erase the mistaken notion that Islam is inhumane about killing of innocents under the pretext of jihad. Nishath

*Pak cleric's 600-page fatwa against terror attacks** *ASHIS RAY, TNN, Mar 3, 2010, 12.30am IST

LONDON: Influential Pakistani Islamic scholar, Tahir ul-Qadri, on Tuesday issued a 600-page fatwa condemning terrorists and suicide bombers. The fatwa is a point by point theological rebuttal to fanaticism of al-Qaida and its offshoots. "The reality is that whatever these terrorists are doing isn't martyrdom. All these activities are taking them to hellfire,'' Qadri said in a statement on Tuesday.

He said Islam forbids massacre of innocent citizens and described al-Qaida as "an old evil with a new name''. Policy-makers and security chiefs will follow the impact of the ruling with keen interest. "I'll say that 50% (of those prone to violence) will change their way, they will be influenced. Of the remaining 50% at least some of them, half of them, will become doubtful about their life, their terrorist activity,'' said Cambridge University Islamic Studies lecturer, Tim Winter, in his assessment to Sky News. He said there have been similar fatwas in the past, but Qadri's edict had gone further than most. The influential scholar has been at the forefront of promoting peace and interfaith dialogue and heads an international religious and educational organisation Minhaj ul-Quran.

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