: Leading Islamic Scholar Calls Terrorists "Unbelievers"

Monday, Mar 1, 2010 @02:47pm CST

(London) -- A leading Islamic scholar plans to release his 600-page fatwa or decree against terrorism on Tuesday in London.

Muhammad Tahir ul-Qadri labels terrorists and suicide bombers as "unbelievers" in his religious ruling.

The 59-year-old former Pakistani minister says he wants it to persuade young Muslims to turn away from becoming terrorists.

As Qadri says, quote, "The reality is whatever these terrorists are doing it is not martyrdom.

All these activities are taking them to hellfire."

His motivation for issuing the edict stems from concerns about British Muslim college students who are becoming terrorists.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the man accused of the failed Christmas Day bombing of a U.S.-bound airliner, apparently was radicalized while studying in London before 2008.

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