TV Coverage of Fatwa on Terrorism

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Shaykh-ul-Islam on CNN with Amanpour
on Fatwa against terrorism
  Shaykh-ul-Islam on Al Jazeera English with David Frost
on Fatwa against terrorism

Watch the CBC’s exclusive interview with Shaykh-ul-Islam   CBC News Report: Fatwa on Terrorism by Shaykh-ul-Islam

Russia Today (Interview)   Russia Today Arabic (Interview)

CNN News
(Public Remarks from UK, Pakistan, Indonesia & Iraq)
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CNN (What in the World?)   CBC News

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Islamintuntija Terroristit joutuvat helvettiin
  Belgium TV (Talk Show) 2


Question Answer Session

Q.1: If its allowed for Palestinians
to do suicide attacks in Israel?
  Q.2: Is there any chance of negotiation
with Khawarij terrorists?

Q.3: What do you say about Islamic Terrorism promoting
by some London based ORG?
  Q.4: What do you say about Somalian youngsters
killing people for Islamic rule?

Q.5: Way other scholars are not giving fatwa
against terrorism like you?
  Q.6: Would you like to play some practical role
between Indo-Pak relations?


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