Ezine Articles : How Islamic Books by Dr Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri Could Enlighten You

Article Submitted On: March 05, 2010

Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri is current day Islam's great scholar, who is well versed in matters of Islam. He has written over 360 Islamic books on various religious topics. Although his books are written in English, Urdu and Arabic languages, however, they have been further translated into numerous different languages in order to cater to the large Muslim community residing in numerous countries all around the world. He has also founded a welfare Islamic organization, whose primary focus is to educate people in the Islamic sciences field as well as promote peace, unity and understanding between various Muslim and Non Muslim communities.

The Islamic books written by Dr. Qadri are diverse in topics and teach the readers to learn to live life according to the basic principles of Islam. His research and knowledge provide him with the added advantage of delivering the fundamental concepts and preaching of Islam to the masses.

His collection of writings includes Islamic books about the teachings of Quran and the prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). In addition, there are a number of books about the Sirah or life and habits of the Prophet and Hadith or his sayings, the doctrines of Islam, how to practice Islam, how Islam and science go hand in hand, along with modern issues such as impact on society, law and order, politics and education all in light of the basics of Islam. Also available are Islamic books about method of praying and the importance and values of the five pillars of Islam including Namaz (Prayers), Hajj (Pilgrimmage to Mecca), Sawm (Fasting in the Holy month of Ramadan), Zakat (charity), and Shahadah (profession of Faith).

These Islamic books are very helpful not just for the Muslim community, but also aid people interested in learning about the religion, as they provide oceans of information about numerous topics of Islam. Dr. Tahir ul Qadri's complete collection of books are available at many leading bookstores globally as well as at various websites online including the Islamic Library online.

His most widely known books include "Beseeching for Help", "Real Islamic Faith and the Prophets Stature", "Islamic Philosophy of Human Life", "Quranic concept of Human Guidance", "Creation of Man", "Spiritualism and Magnetism" and "Islamic philosophy of punishments". These and other books in Urdu and Arabic are read by millions of people seeking to gain the knowledge of the different aspects of Islam. There are thousands of prints available for the avid learner willing to take out the time to go on a search of the soul.

With the inclination to learn Arabic increasing today, it is great to have such a wonderful series from a scholar in the field. These books and CD's can be read at home or at certain Islamic institutions as well. You can find such Islamic books available for purchase from Islamic Impressions including our stores in London, Birmingham, Copenhagen and Trinidad.

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