An Average American Patriot : A leading Islamic scholar has issued an anti-terror fatwa, it keeps getting better!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Muhammad Tahir ul-Qadri, head of the Minhaj ul-Quran religious and educational organization, said suicide bombers were destined for hell as he released his 600-page edict in London on Tuesday. He is a Pakistani born well read and written Islamic scholar. He will have great influence, I am psyched!

Fatwa’s against violence and extremism have been issued before but never on this scale and by such an authority. He rightly said they can't claim that their suicide bombings are martyrdom operations and that they become the heroes of the Muslim Umma “the wider Muslim community” they become heroes of hellfire, and they are leading towards hellfire," he said. Hmmm no virgins?

"There is no place for any martyrdom and their act is never, ever to be considered Jihad," he said. I am really psyched because the true Islam the Islam of peace is stepping up all around the world. Hard line extremists will not be swayed but the regular people will be and I have hope. Cleric issues anti terror fatwa

I know that in every instance not just the stock market that things go up and down they ebb and flow until it becomes obvious which way things are going to go. This so called war on terror is no different. I use to believe that this would be another 100 years war as there is no way proper Islam was going to be able to contain the militants because bottom line it has to come from them.

Bottom line, they are stepping up! I use to view Al Qaeda, militants, terrorism, Islamist extremists, whatever you want to call them, as the head of the hydra and whenever you killed one even more sprang up to take their place. Of late I seem to be saying everyday that this is getting better and better. We see progress by our hard fighting NATO military in Afghanistan but bottom line all this progress is because Pakistan has stepped up.

If you have been following me you know I write often about the great inroads being made by Pakistan. It just keeps getting better as at least half of Afghanistan's Taliban leadership has now been captured and the Taliban and Al Qaeda stronghold of Damadola has now been captured along with the 156 cave complex the once sheltered Ayman al-Zawahiri, the second-in-command to Osama bin Laden.

I was watching the civilian Lashkar dancing in the streets and waving their guns in the air saying the Taliban are gone and will never come back. I really am impressed. This is a great victory for Pakistan’s military and the civilian warriors who won their region back let alone the American effort in Afghanistan. Pakistan's Army takes control of al-Qaeda cave network on Afghan border

So far as we know now seven of the insurgent group’s 15-member leadership council, thought to be based in Quetta, Pakistan, including the head of military operations, have been apprehended in the past week. Pakistani authorities had netted Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the movements second in command, as well as Maulavi Abdul Kabir, a prominent commander in charge of insurgent operations in eastern Afghanistan, and Mullah Muhammad Younis.

Pakistan has also captured several other Afghan members of the leadership council called the Quetta Shura. These include: Mullah Abdul Qayoum Zakir, who oversees the movement’s military affairs, Mullah Muhammad Hassan, Mullah Ahmed Jan Akhunzada, and Mullah Abdul Raouf. At least two Taliban shadow provincial governors, who are part of the movement’s parallel government in Afghanistan, have also been captured. Half of Afghanistan Taliban leadership arrested in Pakistan

We can do this and the leaders in the fight will be Islam and they are stepping up. I have hope!

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