The : Two views of the recent fatwa against terrorism

Last Updated: March 08. 2010 7:58PM

t’s a good thing that Dr Tahir ul Qadri compares al Qa’eda to the Khawarij of the past in his opinion article My fatwa against the terrorists’ creed (March 6). But in the case of the Khawarij, who waged a war of hostility with their swords against anyone disagreeing with them, including those in their midst, they ended up self-destructing because they killed each other in the end.

By contrast, groups like al Qa’eda seem only to grow and multiply in number. So far, it does not seem as if they will implode on themselves the way the Khawarij did in the past. But I thank Dr ul Qadri for the courageous fatwa.

Maggie O’Neele, Abu Dhabi

Yes, violence should be rejected everywhere and by every Muslim, but I’m afraid Dr Tahir ul Qadri has taken one side only. I would have loved to see him condemn the acts of terrorism from the other side too as suicide bombing seems to be the only weapon for misled groups in their fight for freedom.

We’re talking about the occupation of Muslim countries and I would have liked to see some condemnation there. It seems that Dr Qadri is interested only in incriminating Muslims involved in violence, which is something the whole world has been doing for years. Who is to incriminate Jewish and Christian violence? All acts of violence should be condemned, religious or not.

Ziad Sartawi, Dubai

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