The Impudent Observer : Suicide Bombers–Virgins Or Digging Coal?

by Fred Stopsky
March 4th, 2010

A Muslim scholar currently residing in London will shortly issue a fatwa that unequivocally condemns terrorism and warns anyone who wants to place bombs around his tummy and blow himself up that his destination will not be the warm heaven of dozens of gorgeous women, but the dark damp hot climate of Hell where on spends days shoveling coal for the Devil. Pakistani born Shaikh Dr. Tahir ul-Qadri will send out the fatwa for English speaking Muslims as part of his effort to demolish terrorist arguments that one must die in the name of Allah. The good doctor is well known within the British Pakistani community and it is doubtful if any terrorist will be stripping off a chest load of bombs because someone in London says to kill is against the teaching of Allah.

His fatwa will state, “it can in no way be permissible to keep foreign delegates under unlawful custody and murder them and other peaceful non-Muslim citizens in retaliation for interference, unjust activities, and aggressive advancdses of their countries.”

His comments are merely one shot in the fatwa wars of circulating statements to justify or not justify behavior.

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