International Political Will : London, issued a 600-page fatwa condemning terrorism

March 3rd, 2010

This isn’t just some yahoo saying “suicide bombing is wrong” – it’s a 600-page treatise by a scholar using the Quran and Islamic learning to prove that Al Qaeda is “evil” (ul-Qadri’s own adjective). It’s not George Bush, Obama, or some other westerner spouting anti-terrorist rhetoric - it’s an argument in a language that extremists like bin Laden and Zawahiri understand.

This story at least was reported by almost all the major media outlets – BBC, ABC News, NY Times, etc. Of course, it didn’t make the headlines. And idiots from the far-right will continue to lump all Muslims together with the 2 percent that are violent, or dishonestly inflate the proportion of extremists.

But shamefully, FOX News DID NOT REPORT THE STORY. They didn’t even link to an AP version. They just ignored it. Go ahead – Google it for yourself. FOX News decided it wasn’t even worth a few words on their website.

Funny, because in 2005, FOX News ran a column entitled “Where’s the outrage?” wanting to know where the Muslim moderates speaking out against terrorism are.

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