Lets Focuson Life : Muslim Scholar Issues Ruling Against Terrorism

Thursday, March 4, 2010 @ 07:03 AM

“Dr Tahir ul-Qadri is stating that his 600 page fatwa, destroys al-Qaeda’s violent ideology. From the BBC we learn that Dr Qadri is speaking out against the violence perpetrated by these violent religious fanatics, and says that “Islam forbids the massacre of innocent citizens and suicide bombings.”

Dr Qadri says that “There is no place for any martyrdom and their act is never, ever to be considered jihad.”

So then what is it? Dr Qadri rejects the view that violence, such as that between Israel and the Palestinians, could be considered justifiable. The basic text of his argument has been extended to over 600 pages, in an attempt to get its arguments taken up by Muslims in Western nations. But will anybody listen?

That is the key point to all of this. So far any attempts by peaceful Muslims to blast their violent prone fellow member of Islam have just resulted in more threats of violence. Those who speak out against the violence are threatened with death and the deaths of family members. …”

Source : http://letsfocusonlife.com/?p=1646