Argentina Star : Revered Muslim leader condemns terrorists

Tuesday 2nd March, 2010

A Muslim leader in the UK has announced a special religious ruling, otherwise known as a fatwa, against terrorism in the name of Islam.

The widely respected authority on Islamic law, Dr Tahir Qadri, has issued the fatwa, which condemns terrorism and suicide bombing.

Dr Qadri has addressed a press conference in Westminster, central London, to talk about why suicide bombings and terrorism are un-Islamic and scripturally forbidden.

His theological refutation of Islamist terrorism is likely to be discussed widely amongst the worlds Muslim population and will be posted on the Internet in English and Arabic, making it readily accessible.

Dr Qadri has used texts from the Koran to argue that Islam does not permit such acts "on any excuse, reason or pretext" refering to a passage in the Quran in which the death of one innocent is aligned with the death of all humanity.

His fatwa condemns suicide bombers as destined for hell, refuting the claim used by extemists that such terrorists will earn paradise after death.

In his posting on terrorism he says: "Today’s tragedy is that terrorists, murderers, mischief-mongers and rioters try to prove their criminal, rebellious, tyrannous, brutal and blasphemous activities as a right and a justified reaction to foreign aggression under the garb of defense of Islam and national interests. It can in no way be permissible to keep foreign delegates under unlawful custody and murder them and other peaceful non-Muslim citizens in retaliation for interference, unjust activities and aggressive advances of their countries. The one who does has no relation to Islam."

Dr Qadri's international organisation, the Minhaj-ul-Quran movement, has many supporters throughout the world.

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