Mpac : Tahir-ul-Qadri and ‘Suicide’ Attacks

Posted on السبت 19 ذو الحجة 1430

Tahir-ul-Qadri is a respected individual among many Pakistanis both here in Ireland and elsewhere, and what he says can and does influence respective Muslim elements in Irish society. That said, his latest fatwa, a 150 page discussion on terrorism is sure to stoke some controversy. Take for example his declaration regarding what he calls ’suicide’ bombings, ‘Suicide attacks and bomb blasts are not allowed in Islam; these acts are ‘un-Islamic,’ he says. And of course his declaration contains truth for suicide is indeed condemnable in Islam, as is rebellion against the legitimate ruler (with the condition that he has not departed from the religion or made halal that which Allah declares haram).

That said, there is no doubt that Islam condemns suicide, but is it correct to declare attacks against a legitimate enemy using ones person as a weapon as wrong? Shaikh Al Albani, the Mujadid al Asr and foremost Muhaddith of this age was asked this question and responded thus:

There is legitimate debate on this topic, and Al Albani’s conditions, that (a) the act be ordered by the amir in the context of an army and not undertaken by an individual out of despair and (b) that all factors on the battlefield be taken into account (this would necessarily include the principle of benefit and harm) necessarily places reprehensible acts such as 7/7 firmly within the realms of terrorism, may Allah guide us and help us to seek the counsel of the wise in all matters.

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