Farewell Graduation Ceremony & Parents Evening at MSIS London

Minhaj School of Islamic Sciences (MSIS), under the umbrella of Minhaj-ul-Quran international London, organized its first ever graduation ceremony for the level 3 girls from evening school. This programme was held on Friday 25th of June, in conjunction with parents evening.

The programme commenced with the recitation of the glorious Qur’an by Farooq Bahadur, a student from Makka house. His melodiousvoice spellbound the audience. The students and parents applauded him by raising appreciations like ‘Masha’Allah’ & ‘Subhan’Allah’ echoing the hall.

This was followed by a group Naat; these students were also from hifz class. They marvellously recited ‘Ya Nabi Daikha Ye Rutba Aap Ki Na’lain Ka’, which spiritually uplifted the congregation and many young students present were reciting along joyfully.

The students from the level 3 girls class then began their performance. They demonstrated their learnings during the time spent here, through levels 1, 2 and 3. The girls did this through various ways: Tilaawat; recitation of Surah Mulk off by heart with translation, ‘Lab pay aati hai dua’ nasheed, which reminded some of the elders in the audience of their childhood, a hadith quiz between 2 teams - this included reciting various ahadith in Arabic, role plays, with some comedy that left the children in the audience laughing and also speeches which they had written themselves. Apart from that, they hosted their class performance entirely on their own.

After the students had finished their presentation, Allama Asif-ur-Rehman, a senior teacher of the MSIS, came on to the stage to show his appreciation to the girls on behalf of himself and all the other teachers. He then spoke on the importance of encouragement and such programmes. Allama Asif also stressed on how vital it was for parents to attend these programmes, so that they may discuss their child’s progress with their teacher, which would enable them to effectively support their child.

The certificates and medals were then disrtributed. Each student came up individually and received the certificate. Allama Asif then led a collective dua in which all the students’ joined in. After the ceremony, the parents got the opportunity to speak to their child’s teacher and discuss their current progress.

Muhammad Zeeshan, secretary education to MSIS, had been working tremendously hard prior to the ceremony programme. He organised the event, ensured that parents attended. At the end, he congratulated all the graduating students and thanked all parents for participating in parents evening. Alhamdulillah, the hard work paid off and the ceremony went very well.