Anti-Terrorism Camp to be Set-up in Britain by a Pakistani Organization

Reported By: Soha crwenewswire Middle East correspondent

An anti-terror camp is to be set-up in Britain with the name of Al-Hidayah`. The organizers aim to destroy the arguments of extremists rather than encouraging militancy.

The three day camp will be underway at the University of Warwick in central England on Saturday is being termed the first event of its kind in Britain. A religious and educational organization from Pakistan Global Minhaj-ul-Quran is hosting the camp and expects some 1,300 attendees.

The head of the organization Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri said `I feel it1s my duty to save the younger generation from radicalization and wave of terroristic recruitment in the West`.

`We need to prepare them mentally and academically, intellectually and spiritually, against extremist tendencies and terrorist attitudes`. Qadri is a Pakistan based religious scholar who has been promoting peace and inter-faith dialogue for 30 years. He also issued a 600 page fatwa denouncing terrorists and suicide bombers to be unbelievers. He has written around 400 books and is a scholar of Sufism.

Britain has about 1.7 million Muslims mainly of Pakistani origin. Spokesman of the organization has said `this is the first anti-terror camp of its kind Britain has witnessed and I believe this will change the concepts of many Muslim youth who will learn directly from the scholar who issued the Fatwa on Terrorism`. `It will be a sever blow to extremist groups in the UK`.

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