Minhaj Youth League (MYL) Norway holds Iftar dinner

On September 3, 2010, MYL Norway invited the Muslim students to an Iftar dinner. About 220 participated. It is heartening that the number has exceeded compared with the participation last year.

MYL Norway began the evening by introducing the work and vision of MYL, going over their goals. Furthermore, they had chosen quite an interesting theme, called “Nafs vs Ruh” (ill-commanding self vs. soul). The main speech on this subject was delivered by scholar Nasir Ali Awan (Minhajian), who is also the General Secretary of MQI Oslo, Norway. The speech focused on the different stages of Nafs, and how to fight it to strengthen the soul, enabling it acquire control over longings and desires. He described all the seven stages quite expressly with guidelines on how to avoid being caught by the devil in the world. He elaborated that the spirit (Ruh) is the deputy of Almighty Allah, facing a hostile Nafs. He quoted a motivating Hadith where Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) says that Almighty Allah does not look at your deeds and faces, but He looks at your hearts and intentions. He summed up and said that we have to change ourselves, that we should not wait for another tomorrow. He strongly recommended that we must get associated with the blessed people like Shaykh-ul-Islam to make our spirit (Ruh) strong and to attain to the nearness and proximity of Almighty Allah.

Later, General Secretary of Minhaj Welfare Norway, Zartash Bashir, made a small but moving appeal to help the flood victims of Pakistan. The appeal showed some hard facts about what was going on in Pakistan and how MWF was working to help the victims complying with the special instructions of Shaykh-ul-Islam.

The last part of the programme was a question and answer session, primarily aimed at to clear any doubt if any.

In the end, MYL Norway served some fine food for Iftar.