Posters come in Surat against Pak scholar

Several posters have sprung up in Surat with an appeal to boycott the upcoming programme of Islamic scholar from Pakistan Dr Tahirul Qadri, who will visit parts of the state as well as the country.

These posters also request people to stay away from books and VCDs of Qadri’s speeches.

Qadri is scheduled to arrive at Karjan in Vadoadra on February 25 for public meetings. He is also scheduled to hold such meetings in Bhuj and Ahmedabad later.

However, some activists, who are against Qadri, have been circulating pamphlets saying, “Tahirul Qadri is not on the right path. Don’t listen to his lectures and don’t attend any of his programmes. Make sure not to listen to his recorded lectures.”

Their campaign is backed by 21 Maulanas and Muftis from different sections of the minority community in Surat.

The posters and pamphlets have been pasted outside Islamic book stores and outside mosques and other public places.

Mufti Nasim Raza Sahab from Darul Uloom Barkate Raza in Unn said, “We have come to know that his teachings are against Islam. So we are just making our people aware of that.”

Mufti Kesar Alam Sahab from Darul Uloom Khawaja Hazrat Dana, whose name appeared in some of these posters, said, “I have not given my approval to the content of these posters, but they have put my name in the pamphlets. I will take suitable action.”

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