MYL Norway- Marketing campaign in full swing for the Mawlid Festival

MYL Norway is holding a historical Mawlid-un-Nabi festival on the 13th of May in the heart of Oslo. The event is supposed to be the largest of its kind in the history of Norway. Having a number of guest speakers attending the festival, the promotion of this program is nevertheless the most important task. MYL Norway has taken this task seriously and launched a series of marketing initiatives.

Mawlid posters have been put up at various places of Oslo. Mawlid Festival 12 - Celebrating Mercy stall at Groenlands Torg, 27.04.2012. ‎Children from the Minhaj Education Centre practicing for their performance on the Mawlid Festival’ 12. An enthusiastic participant of the Islam Quiz, is the lucky winner of a brand new iPad. The lucky winner will be announced on the Mawlid Festivalen'12 at Chateau Neuf on 13/05/12.

Reported By: Awais Ejaz Ahmad