MQI Luton participates in Luton Council of Faith's PEACE VIGIL

On 4th of May (Friday) in the grounds of Saint Mary's Church, the Luton Council of Faiths held a Peace Vigil, calling on the Luton community to stand up for peace and unity in the face of the expected march and demonstration of the EDL that Luton planned for 5 May. Members of MQI Luton also work actively as part of the council of faiths. They have been participating in all interfaith activities. In this particular event, they wore t-shirts to support the cause of peace, interfaith harmony and the London Declaration.

The promotional materials of the event stated:

We have had a very strong and positive feedback exhorting us to have a follow up event after our last gathering on 20 April outside Bury Park Community Centre.

“Therefore, as people of all faiths and no particular faith affiliation, living together in Luton, committed to grow in understanding of each other, we are all invited to gather together to express and experience the strength of community solidarity in Luton. Come and stand with people of different backgrounds, reflecting the richness and diversity of Luton, promoting peace and acceptance while rejecting hatred and prejudice." We call upon all to:
  • Reject the divisive and provocative politics of the small extremist groups
  • Resist reacting in any way, but especially that which violates not just the law, but our beliefs and values too
  • Demonstrate that Luton is as welcoming, aspiring and safe for all as any other town in Europe
  • Witness in public and showcase our common solidarity Strengthen community cohesion across faiths and cultures in Luton"

Reported by: Nasir Akram