Lectures on Holy Quran key to understand Islam

Blackburn (M.S. Khan)The holy month of Ramadan is an annual refresher course, which provides a rare opportunity to the Muslims around the world to reconnect themselves with the real teachings of Islam. With the onset of the holy month, they turn to the Holy Quran, repent of the sins committed and vow to make a fresh start in life. Minhaj-ul-Quran has been holding special lectures on the Holy Quran known as ‘Duroos-e-Irfan-ul-Quran’ to highlight the key messages of the Holy Book. The scholars of MQI, trained in both religious and secular sciences, have been delivering lectures in far flung areas of the country as well as in foreign countries to disseminate this message. These lectures form an important component of MQI’s efforts for promotion of peace, interfaith dialogue and harmony. The holy month thus provides a right forum to access wider range of different communities.

One such lecture was organized at 155 Preston New Road Blackburn on July 22, 2012, which was delivered by Muhammad Shoaib Khan, a student of Minhaj University. The proceedings of the programme got underway after the Asr prayers with the recitation from the Holy Quran followed by Naat. The learned speaker chose the subject of fasting and threw light on various aspects of the ritual and what it stood for. He said that fasting was not merely about going thirsty and hungry. Rather it taught the people the need to get out of their cocoon life styles and feel for less privileged sections of society. He said that the month preached human brotherhood and equality and advocated higher ideals of human welfare and wellbeing. He said that recourse to the Holy Quran during the holy month was a key to understand what Islam stood for. The comprehension of the Islamic message was a sure step in our attempts to knock the bottom from the under the feet of handful of religious fanatics who wrongly invoked the religious teachings to justify their otherwise reprehensible actions.