Diplomats, Muslim and Christian leaders attend fast breaking Ceremony

Minhaj-ul-Quran Center Berlin has been arranging Fast breaking ceremonies throughout month of Ramadan since its establishment. For this purpose different individuals and members of business community also actively participate.

It is the first time that His Excellency Mr. Abdul Basit, Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Mr. Mir Muhammad Sadeghy (Cultural Attache Islamic Republic of Iran), Mr. Abdul Rauf (Commercial Attache of Bangladesh) took part along with a large number of Muslim and Christian Community members at this Center.

At this occasion Mr. Mohammad Irshad, General Secretary MQI Berlin, welcomed His Excellency, other diplomats, Christians and Muslims from different countries around the world. He told the participants that celebrating this event together promotes brotherhood and peaceful coexistence amongst different communities and faiths. He also pointed out that Fasting reminds us about feelings of a person in hungry situation and teaches us to eradicate hunger from the face of our planet. We should not only follow the true spirit of Ramadan in this particular month but it should be followed through the year.

The Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Pakistan thanked Minhaj-ul-Quran Berlin and greeted all the participants. He informed the audience about the important role of mosques in Islam and regular social contacts amongst Muslims at these centers. He said that this concept is fading gradually and needs to be revived for the sake of unity, peace and progress for the Muslim Ummah. He further added that Pakistan is a gift of Allah (SWT) which came into being in the holy month of Ramadan. We should love our country and invest all our efforts for her defense and development.

After Iftar dinner he met Hafiz Tariq Ali Imam and Khatib MQI Berlin, Faiz Ahmed (former President MQI Berlin), Mr. Tariq Mahmood (President MQI Berlin), Mr. Mohammad Rafiq (Vice President MQI Berlin), Mr. Haider Khan (Finance Seretary MQI Berlin), Mr. Mohammad Ashraf Asif (Information Secretary MQI Berlin), Khizar Hayat Tarar (President Majlis-e-Shura MQI Berlin), Mahir Ghulam Sarwar (Head of Advisory Council MQI Berlin), Mian Imran-ul-Haq (Member of Advisory Council MQI Berlin), Mr. Tariq Javaid (Member of Advisory Council MQI Berlin), Mr. Muhammad Shakeel Chughtai (Chief of Media Coordinator MQI Europe), Rana Mushtaq and his colleagues, personalities of religious, political and social life.He was shown different sections of Minhaj-ul-Quran Center Berlin. At the end he appreciated the activities being undertaken at this center.

Reported By: Mohammad Irshad