MWF Collective Qurbani in Somalia, Africa

MWF has concluded Qurbani 2012 in its Worldwide Campaign Minhaj Welfare Foundation helped ‘Share the Blessings’ of sacrificial meat donated by its donors to the poor and impoverished during the Eid-ul-Adha period. Our teams carried out sacrificial slaughter and meat distribution in marginalised regions including the following: Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and Nigeria. The Qurbani 2012 program continued over three days on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Eid-ul-Adha, taking into consideration the differences in start of the festival by country. MWF this year focused in supporting people in regions hit by poverty, famine and natural disasters. Spreading to different parts of the world, representatives of MWF travelled to Somalia and Kenya to perform sacrifices of animals and meat distributions in famine struck areas of East Africa. Meat was distributed in almost 10 different regions of Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya. In addition to reaching out to thousands of families, the MWF team also conducted fieldwork, assessed needs of local populations and reported the finding s for prospective projects.

Qurbani was also performed collectively by our South Asia team in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. In Pakistan, the focus was on the Pakistan flood affected regions. Almost 4 million people have been affected by the flood, leaving many children and women displaced in vulnerable areas of the world. The MWF team in Pakistan distributed sacrificial meat in almost 250 regions, reaching out to the poor and needy. The MWF teams in Bangladesh and India helped reached meat to poor families. Camps were set up in various rural areas, ensuring the distribution of sacrificial meat reaches to a maximum number of people. HelpFeed the poor and needy HelpFeed is an initiative of MWF, through this new initiative we helped reach sacrificial meat to hundreds of thousands of families in need. HelpFeed is working to prevent hunger and malnourishment in the developing regions of the world. We would like to thank all those that donated towards ‘Share the Blessings of Qurbani 2012’ with Minhaj Welfare Foundation and hope you will continue supporting our future efforts.