SYRIA Emergency Relief Appeal

Three million Syrian people have fled their homes and are in need of aid. They are in urgent need of emergency relief; food, shelter and medical care.

It has been almost two years since the uprising began in Syria leaving a devastating impact on many Syrian families and more than 3 million in need of humanitarian aid.
The infrastructure has collapsed, there is no adequate health care in most parts of the country, water supplies have been cut off and there is shortage of food.

In addition, millions of people have now fled to the neighboring countries of Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq. In many communities, people have been forced to remain in their homes for safety with almost 500,000 children lives at risk.

Many people have been left displaced and forced out of their homes. They are living as refugees in overcrowded IDP camps. They do not have access to work, school, and other places of business or cannot get the relevant medical care to support their families Minhaj Welfare Foundation (MWF) has launched the Syria Emergency Relief Appeal for the people of Syria; as millions of lives are at risk we cannot allow for more casualties.

Donate generously to support a family with an Emergency Relief Pack.

Call now on 0300 30 30 777 (if calling from the UK – local landline rates apply) or call +44 203 375 4730 (if calling from outside the UK dial).

Alternatively donate via website on

The people of Syria need your help.
We are appealing for basic essentials, please donate £50 towards emergency appeal and help provide and help provide food, water and medical supplies.
Call 0300 30 30 777 (UK) or +44 203 37 54 730 (if outside UK).