France: MWL (France) celebrates Shab-e-Barat

On the 16th of June 2013, thanks to the Blessings of Allah Almighty, Minhaj Women League organised a programme on the occasion of the coming Layla-tul-Bara, that is to say Shabbe Barat, with the title of ‘’night of prayer’. The two sisters presenting the programme were Mrs Sadia Azam and Sabba Kashif.

After welcome of the audience, the programme started with the recitation of Surah Qadr from the Holy Quran by Sister Uzma Waheed. Then greetings and salutations were offered on the Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) by Mrs Robina Ashraf, Mrs. Mussarat Mansha, Samreen Group, Mrs Sughra Liaquat, Mrs Mumtaz Qaudeer and Mrs Sitara Malik. Mrs Mumtaz Malik was invited on the stage to express her views on the topic of ‘Why should we repent?’ Throughout her speech, she emphasised two facts. First, she underlined the abundant Mercy of Allah Almighty that He knows that His Creatures are sinners that’s why Allah Almighty gives man several occasions to repent sincerely. And the second point is the importance to forgive and forgive.

After this, Mrs Arooj Fatima Qazi presented a projected clip regarding ‘How to pray’, so as to inform the sisters about the common mistakes in our prayers. Then Mrs Aisha Bilal, Student of Minhaj College for Women Lahore, exchanged knowledge regarding Shabb-e-Barat and Parents’ rights. She explained what ‘Shabbe Barat’ is: a Night to link us again with our Lord. She then specified the categories of people whose repentance will not be accepted, among whom they are those who are bad to their parents. During the programme a short clip from Shaykh ul Islam’s speech ‘Allah se Maafi Mango’ was shown on the topic of Repentance. Afterwards, Allama Hafiz Iqbal Azam delivered a speech on the topic of ‘Haqooqullah & Haqooqul’Ibaad’(Rights of Allah and Rights of People). He drew our attention to the aim of our lives, to pray to our Creator so as to thank Him, to repent in front of Him and to be good and to do good with others by serving and helping each other and parents, brothers, sisters and the needy.

Moreover, Allama Hafiz Iqbal Azam introduced the audience the importance of Zakat and projected a slideshow of Minhaj Welfare Foundation to present a summary of all projects (Qurbani in Kenya, Agosh, collective wedding, etc.). The programme ended by the recitation of Salutations on Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) and prayers by Mrs Sitara Malik, Mrs Mussarat Mansha and Mrs Mumtaz Qaudeer. Refreshment was served to the participants.

Reported By: Saba Kashif Uzma Sahil