Holland: New Islamic Centre holds ‘Minhaj Ladies Event’ in The Netherlands

The Hague (September 15m 2013): A couple of weeks ago, Minhaj-ul-Quran International (The Hague) became the proud owner of a new building which can now provide for the religious, spiritual and cultural needs of the Dutch Muslim Community.

After having acquired the keys of the new building, it was time to welcome the people in the new location. Living up to the message of Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, welcoming the women first is arguably more important, as women are the pillars of society, providing knowledge, care and love for their family and environment. That is why Minhaj Women League (MWL) and Minhaj Sisters League (MSL) united once again, and set up the ‘Minhaj Ladies Event’ on Sunday September 15, 2013 and welcomed all women and sisters to visit the new centre.

More than 25 volunteers of MWL and MSL had been working for weeks on the ‘Minhaj Ladies Event’. There were many challenges that had to be faced, as the new building has yet to undergo a metamorphosis to make it user friendly. The organization had a successful turnout of visitors, with more than 300 visitors who enjoyed their time at this special ladies-only event on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Quran Recitation and Naat/Nasheed

Sister Madiha Ahammout opened the event with a beautiful recitation of the Holy Quran. Our host of the event, Sister Sarah Iqbal welcomed everyone and thanked them for attending the event. After that Sister Sarah Iqbal went through the program of the day and shared information about the speakers. The Minhaj Sisters League then presented Salutations upon Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) with a diverse Nasheed-group consisting of Pakistani, Indian and Moroccan reciters, showing the diversity of the crowd. After reciting Durood-o-Salaam, the favorite Naat ‘Huzoor Aa Gaye Hain’ could not be left out and so the whole building was echoing with the beloved name of The Prophet Muhammad SAW.


Sister Tabinda Mahmood (Minhaj Sisters League, The Hague) welcomed everyone and shared an overview of the new activities and courses the brand new Minhaj centre will be providing for the community. New courses, workshops, lectures and gatherings will be held at this new address of Minhaj-ul-Quran International (The Hague) which will be able to organize everything for the growing number of participants of the MWL and MSL activities. Sumaira Faisal (former President Minhaj Women League Pakistan) was the main speaker and spoke about Women Rights in Islam. Sumaira Faisal also emphasized the Muslim female role models who are a true source of inspiration, courage and Imaan. During the time of the pagans, before the Prophet (SAW) came, the woman was seen as a burden and weaker individual who had no rights at all and no worth in the society. It was the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) who freed the women from suppression and gave them rights and self-worth.

Sumaira Faisal gave many examples, such as the right to vote, which was just recently given to women in the Western society, but the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) gave these rights 1400 years ago. So, we should be thankful for the fact that we as women living in the Western world have been blessed with an Islamic institution as Minhaj-ul-Quran International which provides Islamic knowledge and spiritual enlightenment while we are busy acquiring worldly success. Shabana Ali (President Minhaj Women League, The Hague) concluded the program with a beautiful message on the importance of the new building of Minhaj ul Quran The Hague and told the audience about the facilities this new building will provide to the community. She also requested everyone to play their part in this project and contribute in the upcoming activities.


Obviously, the little visitors were not forgotten. Young mothers are encouraged to visit events of Minhaj-ul-Quran and thus a special kids-corner was busy entertaining children aged 5 years or older.

Meena Bazaar

The Meena Bazaar was a much anticipated part of the Minhaj Ladies Event where visitors were able to buy (Islamic) clothing, shoes, attar, jewelry, Natural Beauty products, and of course a separate Minhaj Books and DVD corner.

Food, Drinks and Kashmiri Chai

MWL and MSL took well care of their guests, as there was a variety of dishes to make the taste buds feel the buzz of South-Asian Food. And to finish it off, there was Kashmiri Chai available for those longing for a ‘garam chai’. Every dish was being sold for a charitable price for just a few euros. The money earned at the Minhaj Ladies Event will go to the construction of the new building.

Reported By: MSL The Hague, Netherlands