MQI (Nelson) arranges five-day lectures during Ramadan

On Monday (22nd July 2013), Jamia Masjid Minhaj ul Quran (Nelson) held its first ever Halaqa-e-Ramadan. The Halaqa was part of a spiritual training course which lasted for five days and was hosted by Sister Naushaza Fiaz and Sister Tahira Basharat.

The first day began with a beautiful recitation of the Holy Quran by Sister Tahira Bisharat. This was followed by praises on the Holy Prophet (PBUH) by Sana Fiaz. The programme was commenced with a few minutes of Darood by Tahira Basharat. As part of the spiritual training, talks were delivered by various people throughout the week. The talks were delivered from Shaykh ul Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri’s book called “Falsafa e Sawm” (Philosophy of fasting). On the first day the first chapter of the book was discussed i.e. “Rozay ki fardeeat”. In this, sister Saima, who was a special guest from Pakistan, discussed the importance of fasting as explained in the Holy Quran. She explained the command of Allah was to fast throughout the month of Ramadan and also stated the compulsory acts that need to be undertaken to make the fast valid.  The gathering concluded with a short Dua by Tahira Basharat.

Day 2

The second day of the “five day Halaqa e Ramadan” commenced on 23rd July 2013. The gathering was hosted by Sister Naushaza Fiaz, who wonderfully invited all the participators of the Mehfil. The gathering began in the usual way with recitation of the Holy Quran by Atiyah Parveen. This was followed by a Naat in the honour of the Holy Prophet (SAW) which was recited by Sana Fiaz. Sister Ambreen then recited Darood Sharif and Sister Tahira Basharat delivered the daily talk from Shaykh ul Islam’s book. She discussed Ramadan in the light of the traditions and Hadith of the Holy Prophet (SAW). The reward and status of fasting was explained and also the mercies of Ramadhan, e.g. the doors of mercy are opened and the doors of hell are closed. Sister Tahira then concluded the gathering with a beautiful Dua.


The third day of the “Halaqa e Ramadan” followed the next day. Sister Tahira and Naushaza opened the Mehfil by welcoming everyone and invited Tooba Bilal, a young attendee, to start the Mehfil off with the recitation of the Holy Quran. This was followed by a Naat in the honouor of the Holy Prophet (SAW) by Atiyah Parveen and Darood Sharif by Sister Ambreen. Then in the usual way the daily talk of the session was delivered. Sister Saima once again delivered a talk from Shaykh ul Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri’s book “Philosophy of fasting”. She explained the true essence and reality of the soul, the difference between the scientific definition and the spiritual definition of the soul. She then spoke about the different types of fasts, and the different levels of the people who fast according to the set criteria. Sister Rifet then made Dua and prayed for the wellbeing of everyone in the gathering, and also for everyone to have patience throughout the month of Ramadan.


The final session of the week was conducted on Thursday 25th July 2013. The gathering was conducted in two parts. The first part consisted of the weekly Halaqa e Darood Mehfil, and was then followed by the Halaqa e Ramadan. The Mehfil began with everyone reciting Darood Sharif silently for a few minutes. This was followed by a recitation of the Holy Quran by Sister Nazia Anwar and sister Tanzeela read the translation to the verses. The Mehfil continued with a few hadith read by sister Ambreen. Qaseedah Burdah Sharif was recited by young readers Atiyah Parveen and Tooba Bilal. Sister Atikah then recited some verses of Darood Sharif with everyone participating, and Sister Nazia Shaheen recited a Nasheed in the honour of the Holy Prophet (SAW). Sister Tahira Basharat then led the Dhikr and Sister Ambreen lead the ‘Salaam’ on the Holy Pophet (SAW). The Mehfil concluded with Dua by Sister Tahira, who prayed for the wellbeing of the whole Ummah, and for everyone to remain steadfast on the path of Islam.

The second part consisted of the next session of the Halaqa e Ramadan. The congregation was welcomed by Sister Naushaza and Sister Tooba began the gathering with the recitation of the Holy Quran. Naat Sharif was recited by Sister Nazia and Darood Sharif was recited by Sister Atiyah Parveen. Sister Tahira then delivered the final talk for the week and covered in detail all the aspects and issues that commonly arise during fasting. She explained the conditions that need to be met before a person can fast and also the “do’s and don’ts” of the month of Ramadan. She concluded the Mehfil with a short Dua and also by explaining that everyone needed to make their intention now to attend the final day of the Halaqa on 29th July 2013.

Day 5

On 29th July 2013 the final day of the “Halaqa e Ramadan” was held in Jamia Masjid Minhaj ul Quran. The event was attended by many ladies from the surrounding areas and was very educational and informative. The ceremony was hosted by Sister Tahira Basharat and Naushaza Fiaz, who had successfully arranged all of the previous sessions. In attendance at the Mehfil was an honourable guest from Pakistan, Madam Gul Firdous who is the Principal of Islamia Degree college Minhaj-ul-Quran Gujrat, Pakistan and her daughter Sister Rabia Minhaj. The recitation was done by Sister Rabia Minhaj, who beautifully recited a few verses of the Holy Quran. This was followed by a Naat Sharif by a guest from Burnley, Sister Aishah Shakir. Manqbat of Ghose Azam (RA) was recited by Sister Sana Fiaz and Sister Atiyah Parveen. Both did a wonderful job of reciting beautifully throughout the five days. The final Nasheed was recited by Sister Rabia minhaj, who enlightened the gathering with her beautiful voice.

The main speech of the event was delivered by the chief guest, Madam Gul Firdous Sahiba. She beautifully explained the virtues and blessings of ‘Laylat-ul-Qadr’, using Shaykh ul Islam’s book ‘Philosophy of fasting’. She explained how the special night fell on one of the odd nights of the Last ten days of Ramadan and encouraged everyone to spend these moments worshipping and gaining an attachment to Allah (SWT). She then concluded the gathering with Dua and prayed for progress of Minhaj ul Quran International and its workers. She also congratulated the organisers of the Mehfil and for the large number of attendees.All the attendees were thanked for attendance of all sessions and were also served with refreshments at the end. The public also congratulated the organisers (Sister Tahira Basharat and Sister Naushaza Fiaz) on the success of the first ever Halaqa e Ramadan at Jamia Masjid Minhaj Ul Quran and requested for similar events to be held in future as well.

Reported by Naushaza Fiaz (Nelson)