UK: Spiritual gathering held at MQI (Nelson) Centre

On 3nd December 2013, Jamia Mosque Minhaj-ul-Quran held a ‘Giyarvee Sharif’ gathering for young girls who attend the centre. The gathering was a wonderful experience with students from the education centre reciting praises of the Holy Prophet (S. A. W) and also delivering speeches on various topics.

The spiritual gathering began with recitation of the Holy Quran by Sana Hussain. This was followed in the traditional way with ‘Qaseedah Burdah’by Salihah Anjum, Sadiqah Ahmed, Ammara Sajjad and Laiba Ahmed. There was a group Naat by Aleesha Sultan, Amina Basharat, Sehmoon, who are all from the playgroup class. In addition to this, Laiba Latif, Halima Riaz, Zayna Aliza Mehmood also read a nasheed. They beautifully showed appreciation for their mothers by reciting “My mum is amazing”. Maaria Bilal and Tooba Bilal praised the Holy Prophet (S. A. W) with the Naat “Ik mei hi nahi un par”. More Naats were recited by Adawiyah Fiaz and Noor Fatimah Mirza. Amina Ahmed and Alisha Hussain also recited greetings and salutations the Holy Prophet (S. A. W). The first speech of the mehfil was delivered by Ismah Mehmood who talked about the life of the Holy Prophet (S. A. W). Laiba Ahmed then recited a short poem about the Five Pillars of Islam. This was followed by a group nasheed by Rabia Ayub, Zakia Iqbal, Irtikah Mehmood, Maaheen Anjum, and Anam Ahmed, who recited the Hamd “Give thanks to Allah”.

The next speech was delivered by Alisha Ahmed, who spoke about the Holy Prophet (S. A. W). Nida Ajaz then recited a Naat Sharif. Aleena Ahmed and Laiba Khan then recited a Nasheed called “La ilaha ilallah” this was followed by another Naat by Ayman Ahmed and Zahrah Ali. The guest of the mehfil was a former student of the centre, Atiyah Parveen. She beautifully recited praises of the Holy Prophet (S. A. W). This was followed by another group Naat by Ayman Ajaz, Meerab Ajaz and Aaila Zobia Nawaz who read “Ya Nabi Ya Nabi”.

There was also a role play about the love of parents by Alisha Ahmed, Ismah Mehmood, and Madiyah Hussain. This was followed by Dhikr by Tooba Bilal and Atiyah Parveen. Salaam on the Holy Prophet (S. A. W) was offered by Atiyah Parveen. The mehfil was concluded with Dua by Alisha Ahmed and by refreshments being served to all the attendees. Students who attended the Halaqah-e-Iman were also given gifts, and senior students were selected to become monitors in the mosque.

Reported By: Tahira Basharat & Naushaza Fiaz