UK: MQI Nelson's Mosque holds an Annual Milaad Conference its Students

On Friday, 24th January 2014, Jamia Masjid Minhaj-ul-Quran held a Mehfil-e-Milaad for the young girls who attend the centre on a daily basis. The conference, which was a great success, has become an annual tradition in the mosque. The programme was hosted by two senior students, Alisha Ahmed and Nimra Khan. They did a wonderful job of conducting the proceedings.

The 'mehfil' began with recitation of the Holy Quran; the first recitation was done by Sana Hussain and the second by Nida Ajaz. This was followed by a Hamd by two sisters, Jasmine Ahmed and Alisha Ahmed. Qaseedah Burdah Sharif was recited in a group by Salihah Anjum, Maheen Anjum, Tooba Bilal and Mariyah Bilal. This was followed by a Naat by Maheen Anjum and Sana Iqbal. There was also a short poem by Bisma Khamum. She recited a rhyme about the good eating habits. Maheen Anjum and Sammar Basharat then recited praises of the Holy Prophet (SAW) in the form of a Naat. The first speech of the gathering was delivered by a very young student who was only six years old, Noor Fatimah Mirza. She did a wonderful job by talking about Darood Sharif. She spoke about the benefits of reciting it and also the rewards and blessings that Allah (SWT) gives to those who recite it regularly. Salihah Anjum and Tooba Bilal recited another beautiful Naat, whilst Anam Farooq recited a poem about Rabi-ul-Awwal. There was then a group Hamd by Aleena Ahmed, Sana Hussain, Rabia Ayub, Irtika Mehmood and Anam Ahmed, who recited a group Nasheed called "Give thanks to Allah (SWT)". This was followed by a speech by Hamna Hussain. She delivered a short talk about the people of Makkah, at the time of the Prophet (SAW). She discussed the struggles and problems that were encountered at the time, and also how the people later became Muslims. Laiba Khan then recited a Naat of the Holy Prophet (SAW). There was a short role play by the students. It was acted out by Bismah Khanum, Zayna Mehmood, Aleena Ahmed, Alisha, Laiba Ahmed, Jasmine Ahmed, Hasna Mirza and Nida Ajaz. They explained how Allah (SWT) knows everything that we do, and that He is all Knowing and aware of everyone's actions and deeds.

This was followed by a Naat by Nida Ajaz and then also a speech by Alisha Ahmed. She spoke about the month of Rabi-ul-Awwal and the importance of the Milaad of the Holy Prophet (SAW). She also discussed why it was a good thing to celebrate the birth of the Prophet (SAW) and its benefits. A group Naat was recited by Irtika Mehmood, Halimah Riaz, Amina Basharat and Alisha Sultan. They recited a Nasheed about mothers called "My mum is amazing". Maryam Ahmed then read a poem about the Holy Prophet (SAW). This was followed by a Naat Sharif by Sana Saeed, Sadiqah Ahmed and Laiba Ahmed. Ismah Mehmood then briefly spoke about the life of the Holy Prophet (SAW). She explained about the upbringing of the Holy Prophet, his marriage to Syeda Khadijah (RA) and also the announcement of his prophet hood. There was a Naat by Nimrah Khan, and then another speech by Sadiqah Ahmed. The talk was about the Five Pillars of Islam. She explained that there are five pillars of Islam and that it is the duty of every Muslim to try and fulfil them at least once in their lives. A group Naat was recited by Aroob Ahmed, Sammar Basharat and Maheen Anjum. This was followed by a speech by Madiyah Hussain. There was then a Naat by two sisters, Alisha Ahmed and Jasmine Ahmed. Sana Saeed Butt then recited an urdu poem, whilst Ayman Ahmed and Iram Khan recited praises of the Holy Prophet (SAW). There was a second role play by the students, explaining the love parents have for their children. Alisha Ahmed, Madiyah Hussain and Ismah Mehmood acted out the scenario and delivered the moral of the story. Sana Saeed Butt and Madiyah Hussain then recited a Naat of the Holy Prophet (SAW).The final Naat of the Holy Prophet (SAW) was recited by Mariyah Bilal and the final poem of the event was recited by Ammara Sajjad.The event was supported and attended by parents of the young girls who attend the centre. The head teacher, Tahirah Basharat, thanked them for coming and showing their encouragement to the children. This was followed by a short prize giving session. The head teacher, Sister Tahira Basharat and class teacher, Naushaza Fiaz, presented gifts and presents to the nominated students. The first prizes were given for the Milaad Poster Competition. Students were asked to design a poster, and were then judged by the teachers. The winners of the competition were two sisters Alisha Ahmed and Jasmine Ahmed, who designed a beautiful canvas. In second position it was Madiya Hussain and in third position there was Sana Saeed Butt.

There was also prizes given to the children who had recited the most Darood Sharif in each class. In first place it was Bismah Khanum, in second place it was Amina Ahmed, third place was Anam Farooq and in fourth place was Salihah Anjum. The final sets of gifts were given to students who had recently completed reading their Quran for the first time. The recipients of these gifts were: Salihah Anjum, Hamna Hussain, Sania Naveed, Laiba Ahmed and Afreen Ali. The mehfil was concluded with Salaam on the Holy Prophet (SAW) by Nida Ajaz and Dua by Alisha Ahmed and Halima Hussain. The mehfil was a great success and everyone was pleased with the outcome of the gathering. The parents were happy to see the progress of their children, and the teachers were also congratulated on the development of their students. Everybody was encouraged to attend future events and were also given Langar in honour of Milaad-un-Nabi (SAW).

Reported By: Moazzam Raza